For every client, our advisors use a systematic approach to develop a plan to help keep you focused on your life needs, opportunities, concerns and goals.  There are five steps in our process.

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Step One: Discovery

The most important step. First, we establish whether there is fit between you and Paramount Wealth Management. At this initial meeting we explore together the important things in your life and all the issues we need to plan for. We prioritize what needs to be put in place today and in the future.

Step Two: Analysis

On the basis of our shared understanding of your planning needs, we lay out an effective strategy for your consideration. This includes a comprehensive review of your current situation matched against your long-term goals.

Step Three: Development

Our strategy involves helping you bridge the gap that may exist between where you are now to where you want to be in the future.

Step Four: Implementation

Once we have developed your plan, we will then implement its elements efficiently and effectively. This includes an investment and wealth planning policy statement that serves as a road map for how we will work together.

Step Five: Monitoring

We view our role as your partner through the ages and stages of your life. It is important to keep your plan current and to ensure that it reflects all of the changes that life brings. We check in and meet regularly so that your wealth plan remains a living document.