Halloween is bound to look a lot different this year. (Didn’t we say that last year?) Well, now that we’re all pros, Halloween can still be a fun celebration this year. While both candy givers and trick-or-treaters may choose to take extra safety precautions – here are our tips to help you prioritize safety without skimping on spookiness. 

For the candy givers

  • Keep candy in individual baggies, since having kids dig into a big bowl of sweets can spread germs.
  • Consider leaving candy out and staying behind a storm glass door, especially if you’re part of a vulnerable population. This will allow you to admire creative costumes without exposing yourself to danger.
  • Get a breath of fresh air by sitting behind an outdoor table to hand out treats. The trick is to stay at least six feet back from passersby.
  • Create a candy chute. That’s what one Ohio dad did in just 20 minutes – he used household materials and attached the chute to the handrail outside his front door with zip ties.
  • Promote proper hygiene by putting out a pump bottle of hand sanitizer.
  • Adhere to classic Halloween etiquette: If you don’t wish to participate, turn off your porchlights and consider posting a sign.

For your trick-or-treaters

  • Limit comingling by sticking with your pandemic pod and avoiding indoor activities.
  • Gloves are more foe than friend in this case. Instead, keep plenty of hand sanitizer within reach.
  • While packaged candy should be relatively safe, you can take extra precaution by sanitizing wrappers.

As you plan out your Halloween night, make sure to check state regulations and abide by local rules. And if you don’t feel safe trick-or-treating this year, remember there are always alternatives – from watching a ghoulishly good movie at home to cooking up scary sweet treats in your kitchen. 

No matter what October 31 looks like for you, I wish you and your loved ones an enchanting day of tricks, treats and time spent with those who matter most. 

Warm regards, 

Brennan Clark
Wealth Advisor