Many different aspects come together to help. You reach success. How well you can get along with others, your decision-making skills, and how well you can plan things out while working together with a team will all come into play to help with this. 

Two important aspects that come up in the business world are the emotional quotient and the intelligence quotient. But which of these is the most important when it comes to seeing success in the business world? 

What is EQ? 

While most people have heard about an IQ, the EQ, or emotional quotient, is a little less known. This is a measurement of how well you understand your own emotions and the emotions of those around you. With a high EQ, you can coordinate a good working environment based on the skills and characteristics of those who work for you. Those with high EQ scores often get along well with their coworkers and are generally liked by all. 

What is IQ? 

Your IQ, or the intelligence quotient, is a measurement of your intellectual knowledge. It is the part that determines how well you can make smart decisions for improving your business. The way that you comprehend complex problems and challenges, how you carry out your work, and how you can plan ahead for whatever is next will all be important aspects of your IQ. Those with high IQ scores can do well with the planning and decision-making for a business. 

Which One is More Important? 

Anyone who has spent time in the business world can tell you that both EQ and IQ have their own importance in the industry. Without a strong IQ, you may struggle to keep up with the business world and all the different components. Without a high level of EQ, you are likely to have a hard time surviving in the corporate world. 

You should have both to see success. The IQ allows you to make quick and informed decisions about any challenge, while the EQ will help you to get along with your team and form strong relationships in business. 

The trick here is to find a balance between the two. Both of them are important. Those who can balance both of these aspects will find that they have more room to be successful. Too much of either of these without enough of the other may end up causing problems. For example, having only a high IQ with no EQ may make you arrogant and hard to work with. On the other hand, having only EQ without the IQ could make it easy for others to take advantage of you.  

When your goal is to make it up the ladder in the world of business, having a good balance of EQ and IQ is so important. Both have their benefits and can counteract each other, helping you to find the true success you want.  

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