Being a working mother and having to juggle motherhood and your career sure is a difficult task. You are constantly trying to be productive at work and raise your children in the best manner possible. Not to mention, industries may not be as rewarding with working mothers. Hence, you may have to compromise on salary in exchange for part-time working leverage.

With the recent pandemic, our lives have changed significantly. Working mothers are now bound to manage work and motherhood under one environmental setting. But that does not mean your stay-at- home period needs to be unproductive or boring.

Consider the time spent at home to be a blessing to teach your children some life lessons and values that could be beneficial for them in the future. Here are some fun yet highly educational activities that will engage your kids during the lockdown.

Show Your Kids the Way You Work

Every child looks up to their parents and considers them to be role models. It is time you give your kids a little sneak peek into how you do things in practical life. Engage your kids around you and perform daily office tasks in front of them. This way, they realize the importance of focusing and being responsible while working. Your kids may find it intriguing to witness their mother having to handle so much around without compromising on their upbringing. Seize the opportunity to discuss out any differences or distances that may have come about due to your working life. They will eventually understand and be more empathic about your situation the next time.

Remind Your Kids to Be Empathic

Get your children to understand how the pandemic has shaped the lives of everybody. Ask them to count their blessings and educate them on the current happenings that have severely affected societies. A fun activity would be to engage your kids and brighten up the neighborhood by placing motivating, up-lifting signs thanking workers who still need to work outdoors even during a pandemic. This will instill a positive attitude in children and you just as well might make somebody else’s day.

Teach Your Kids Basic Finances

Playtime with kids is truly essential. To make things even more interesting, consider adding important life lessons such as focusing on financial literacy while you are at it. Open up a ‘quarantine store,’ set up a corner in the house, and have a table full of candy, gum, and other fun stuff. Reward your children upon completing any house chores by ‘paying’ them for it so they can spend it in the quarantine store. This will teach your kids the importance of hard-earned money with a more practical approach. Play board games such as Monopoly and show them interesting financial lessons online that are appropriate for their age.

These are just a few ideas of great activities you can try with your kids while working from home during quarantine. You can always come up with your own ways to teach them new concepts in a fun way. Try out different activities with your children and see what they like before adding them to their routine.

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