History in the making

An event that shocked the nation and the world, September 11 was one of the defining moments of our lifetimes. It changed our country forever; in ways we’re still unraveling decades later. 

While we’ll never forget the terror of that day or the ones that we lost, we also can’t help but remember the incredible kindness and unity that emerged in the aftermath. Those on the frontlines who ran into harm’s way; our Canadian neighbors who opened their doors to stranded strangers; friends and families who embraced one another a little longer than usual as we waited for news. The swell of love and kindness brought a little hope and light into the darkness. 

Within the upheaval caused by a global pandemic over the past eighteen months, we find ourselves drawing parallels to 9/11, as we witness the kindness and resilience within our own communities in the face of loss. Many of us were unprepared to face a pandemic, and the uncertainty and fear it brings – for our health, our families, and our livelihoods. Yet, we’ve seen beacons of hope and solidarity time and again. The cheers for healthcare workers on the frontlines; essential workers who are “keeping the lights on”; restaurateurs who donate meals to those who lost jobs; entertainers who are doing their best to bring joy into our homes; and loved ones who are finding creative ways to show they care and offer support even from afar. Beneath the heartwarming car parades to celebrate milestones and the creative zoom weddings lies a spirit of resilience that defines who we are as a nation. 

We hope you and yours have been inspired and touched by the kindness of neighbors helping neighbors over the last few months, but more importantly, we hope you and yours remain safe and healthy. While no one quite knows what the next few months will bring in regard to the pandemic, we wholeheartedly believe the best way to move forward is together with kindness. 

Kind regards,

Donald Hershberger III
Wealth Advisor

420 South Brown Street
Jackson, MI 49203