A Small Investment of Time on LinkedIn Will Boost Your Business

As little as 10 minutes per day on LinkedIn has the potential to significantly bolster your business.  While most other social networks are centered on gossip, the sharing of pictures and status updates, LinkedIn is a social space for professionals.  If you own or manage a business, investing a little bit of time each day on this platform could maximize your bottom line.

LinkedIn is Essential to Your Company’s Success

Your profile and summary on LinkedIn partially dictate your company’s success.  After all, these two tidbits of information are the first things people view when visiting your LinkedIn profile.  Invest some time perfecting the wording of your profile and summary and you will find establishing new connections is significantly easier.  

Zero in on the subtleties of your headshot as it matters a great deal in terms of your company’s success and trajectory.  If your headshot looks professional, shows you with formal attire and has the optimal lighting, people will view you as worthy of their dollars.  Keep in mind, selfies, full-length photos and other variations from the norm will not be properly accommodated by the 400 x 400 LinkedIn dimensions.  Check out some competing headshots to get a sense of what the best of the best look like and consider hiring a professional to capture you in the best possible light.

Sweat the Small Stuff: The Background Photo

The background photo tells your LinkedIn profile visitors a lot about you and your business.  This photo is actually a banner positioned behind the profile picture.  The background is yet another opportunity to communicate what your business is all about, who you are and the merit of your value offering.  

When in doubt, keep it professional by uploading an image of you and your employees.  You can also use this background as an opportunity to highlight an achievement.  Some opt to upload images that are non-work related in an attempt to humanize their business and establish common ground with others.

The Summary

Summaries are central to your success on the LinkedIn platform.  This section of the platform serves as an opportunity to describe your passions, detail prior successes and explain how you can assist new clients.  Run your summary draft by a colleague before moving forward with its publication.

Consider SEO

SEO, short for search engine optimization, is centered on the use of keywords.  Keywords are used on the platform to tie your business to potential clients.  Zero in on 5-10 keywords that are effective for your unique industry and niche, weave them into your LinkedIn profile and it really will be that much easier to connect with prospective clients.

Encourage Action

Provide a call to action and your LinkedIn profile readers just might heed it.  The call to action should be placed toward the summary’s end.  Even if the call to action is as simple as suggesting interested parties call to learn more about the product or service, it will steer that many more prospective clients in your direction.