Everyone is looking for a way to boost their brain power.  However, most people assume they can only do so much to improve their memory and other cognitive abilities.  Be proactive in your quest to enhance your neural pathways and you will find you perform better at work and also enjoy a more rewarding retirement.  Here’s how to do it.

Be Social 

Friendships should not end when school ends.  If you don’t have a large social circle, there is still time to expand it and simultaneously improve your brain power.  Volunteer, introduce yourself to strangers, pick up a hobby that others enjoy and go out of your way to be social.  Such socialization enhances your brain’s executive functionality as well as your memory.  The bottom line is everyone needs ongoing social interactions to remain engaged with society and reduce the chances of cognitive impairment.

Learn Something New

You can clear that many more neural pathways by learning something new.  Whether it is a hobby, a skill, a language or a musical instrument, learning something new enhances brain elasticity, bolsters memory retention and also boosts coordination.

Focus on the Positive

Begin the day with a mental review of everything positive in your life.  Being grateful for everything that is going right boosts mental adaptability.  Express your gratitude, even if it is silently to yourself, and your brain health will gradually benefit, your mood will improve and you might even feel spiritually renewed.

Have a Purpose

Everyone needs a purpose.  However, if you are retired, unemployed or underemployed, you might feel as though you don’t have anything to look forward to or anything important to do.  Establish a purpose and your mind will be that much more active, improving your cognition all the more.

Embrace Complex Challenges

Activities and projects that require complex, highly-detailed thinking reduce the risk of memory loss.  So don’t be so quick to jump to projects that are not as intellectually demanding.  Opt for complex projects and you will find your memory gradually improves in response to the challenge.

Develop Healthy Habits

Exercise boosts the flow of blood to the brain, enhancing brain health all the more.  A healthy brain decreases stress, catalyzes adaptive capabilities and enhances your ability to focus.  Even light aerobic exercise performed a couple times per week has the potential to reduce the risk for Alzheimer’s disease by 60%.

Try Something New

Continue to stimulate your mind and your memory will benefit.  If you have not seized the opportunity to learn new things in the past, start out with puzzles such as crossword puzzles, scrabble, word finder puzzles and video game puzzle games.   Embrace the challenge of mastering a new language, start up a new hobby or engage in brain games through Luminosity and you will find your mental capabilities improve.

Be Positive

Turn off the smartphone, computer and TV.  Dive into a good book, start meditating and write a diary entry.  Focus on being proactive, engage in activities that provide happiness, do your best to relax and try to focus your mind on a single objective.  Such positive thinking and enhanced mental focus will boost your concentration all the more.

Mind Your Sleeping Habits

The manner in which you sleep affects your brain and body.  The proper sleep restores your mind, repairing and rebuilding neural pathways while simultaneously decreasing stress.  Obtain truly restful REM sleep every single night and you will find it is that much easier to think clearly, exercise prudent judgment and remember those elusive minor details.