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The Risk Inverse: Why Having More Money Means More Planning

You might assume that risk goes down as wealth goes up. Logically, having the means should mean less danger, more confidence, fewer worries. But risk likes to do the last thing you expect.


Risk becomes increasingly labyrinthine as wealth grows, snaking into areas of your life and finances you probably never thought you’d find it. The hospital bill after a loose acquaintance takes a spill during a party at your summer home. The legal counsel you have to retain when you decide to chair a volunteer board.

For high-net-worth individuals, planning for uncommon sources of risk is a critical piece of financial planning. However, studies have shown that even for those with more awareness of risk’s ripple effect, there’s a preparedness gap.

Closing that gap starts with taking the time to consider the unexpected facets of your life it could touch:


July 4 – Paramount office and the financial markets closed for Independence Day.

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Fun Fact

The Dollar Sign Was First Used in 1785

The first use of the dollar sign in the U.S. can be traced back to 1785, when it evolved from the Spanish symbol for pesos. It’s believed the $ originated from the abbreviation PS, which was used to indicate Spanish pesos in the Americas. Gradually the “S” came to be written over the “P,” eventually morphing into the dollar sign we know today.

Source: sofi.com

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