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Social Security Myths and Misconceptions

RETIREMENT & LONGEVITY Learn how to get the most from your hard-earned benefits. There’s no doubt about it. Filing for Social Security can be daunting. There’s a ton of information – and misinformation – to weed through, as well as the need for some calculations...

Review Key Takeaways of the SECURE Act 2.0

ECONOMY & POLICY Changes for investors include RMD age increases, higher catch-up contribution limits and a new 529 transferal option. Passed in December 2022, the SECURE Act 2.0 includes a comprehensive set of provisions intended to help many Americans and...

Distributions from Traditional IRAs Between Ages 59 and a half and 73

What is an IRA distribution? A withdrawal from an IRA is referred to as a distribution. Distributions can come in the form of several payment patterns, from a one-time (lump-sum) payment to a series of distributions over a number of years. Depending on how old you are...

What are Catch-Up Contributions?

If you are 50 or older, or you will reach age 50 by the end of the year, you may be able to make contributions to your IRA or employer-sponsored retirement plan above the normal contribution limit. Catch-up contributions are designed to help you make up any retirement...

Key Requirements for Aging in Place

RETIREMENT & LONGEVITY Remaining at your long-term residence as you age can be an attractive option – but it may require home modifications to accommodate your needs. There is no place like home. Given the choice, the vast majority would rather remain in their...

Who should you choose to execute your estate

ESTATE & GIVING When selecting a personal representative to carry out the terms of your will, consider the role's many responsibilities. Selecting a personal representative for your estate, also known as an executor, is no easy task. While it’s an honor to be...

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