This time of year is always special for me. With the start of a new year, most people appreciate refreshed perspectives or commit to new goals and resolutions. For me, it also signals the conclusion to the season of gathering with family, friends, and loved ones.

At the start of each new year, I reflect on and cherish the time that I spent with my children and grandchildren. I think back on the wonderful shared moments of the previous year, and see how I can create more of them in the upcoming year.

The start of the new year also signals the opportunity for many of us to check in on our financial health. Take stock of your budget, debts, and investments, and measure them against your refreshed financial goals.

  1. Revisit your budget and determine if you need to re-prioritize any areas for 2022. Do you want to plan for a vacation or have a milestone anniversary this year? Now is the time to check.
  2. Check-in on your rainy-day funds. In the midst of everything that happened last year, replenish this if needed. You never know when an emergency will happen.
  3. Invest in what matters to you. Whether it is spending more time with family, supporting local businesses, or donating to causes you believe in, your investments can have a greater impact and possibly generate positive financial returns.

As you recover from a bustling holiday season and look forward to another promising year, I wish you and your loved ones a prosperous and memorable 2022. If there is any way that I can be of service, give me a call. I look forward to helping you meet all of your goals.

Kind Regards,

Don Hershberger
Founder and President, PWM