Modern mothers need to maintain full-time careers while living up to the expectations of motherhood at the same time. The global revolution consistently changes the working environment, encouraging more females to participate and work equally as men. With time, more women can successfully handle dual roles in their life. In the United States alone, half of the country’s workforce is female, according to TIME magazine.

Maintaining a strict balance between the two roles is a daunting task. While it can be very rewarding in terms of finance, there are also some downsides. The disadvantages affect stay-at-home moms who prefer working from home to raise their children the most. Such mothers may have to compromise on their salary and their attempt to save for retirement.

Looking at the Bigger Picture

If you’re a working mother and are trying to maintain a balance between work and daily life, let that feeling of guilt go. You must realize the long-term advantages of the struggles you bear now.

Studies now show that daughters of working mothers prove to be a lot more successful in life. They also have commendable pay scales as they progress in the corporate world. The sons of such mothers gain encouragement to spend almost twice as much more quality time on family and childcare. This breaks cultural norms and stereotypes, allowing children to grow up with a broad perspective and approach. Millennials continue to embrace the new trend of balancing motherhood and work, which positively influences societal acceptance levels. Being a working mom does not mean you compromise on nurturing your children effectively.

The Daily Juggle

While the pros are significant, we cannot ignore the obvious reality of how hectic and exhausting it is to strike a balance between motherhood and working life. Mothers have to accept that they may not always have equal opportunities and rewards relative to other workers who focus on their careers solely. There will be upsides and downsides to a ton of aspects. It is important you pay attention to the joys and accept some realities. You must be at peace of mind so you can maintain productivity at its finest while caring for your family.

The most valuable factor is your time: working mothers must use it wisely. You may have to decline offers and requests to make up for balancing between the dual roles.


Regardless of the few complications, fortunately, today’s working mothers have access to better opportunities. These new opportunities offer flexibility in their career to work in favor of their needs and schedules. As a working mom, filter your job listings by seeking those that offer paid leave and insurance policies, tailorable schedules, and more. Generally, firms with women leaders have a better sense of understanding, so they support working moms as they grow in their careers.

But despite all its challenges, being a working mom is very rewarding. It provides women with a sense of independence and confidence, features that they later instill in their children.


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