As you prepare to downsize, there are many items you may want to get rid of from your own home. When those items leave your home, it frees up space in your smaller living quarters and saves a lot of time when moving. As you downsize, keep in mind that your children may not want all your old items and it may be better to donate some to a good cause. Some items your children do not want when you downsize include: 

  • Books: Unless the book is an old heirloom that they specifically asked for, your children do not want shelves of books from you when you downsize. Consider donating to a school or a library that may get more use out of them.
  • Paper: Greeting cards and old papers are not needed elsewhere. Keep them yourself or consider disposing of them. Digitize some of the family pictures so the old copies do not take up space.
  • Decorative plates and porcelain figures: Your children likely have no want to keep these items and very few will even have space for them.
  • Film projectors, trunks, and sewing machines: None of these items are used often any longer and will just take up space. Unless your child has asked for one specifically or it is from a renowned company, you should consider donating the item instead.
  • Sterling and crystal: These can make nice heirlooms if they have been kept in good shape. Ask your family before handing them off. They may have their own items and will not want more cluttering up their space.
  • Persian rugs: These may be valuable rugs that you love, but your children may not want them. They are heavy, get dirty easily, and may not fit in with their décor. Several shops will purchase the Persian rug from you if it is in good shape so consider that alternative instead.
  • Linens: Your linens have other uses than going into a closet and taking up space. You can donate these. Or, if you have some that are hand-embroidered or special, consider having them changed into special-occasion garments. This is a popular option with christening gowns. Then they can be reused without taking up space.
  • Hefty Furniture: Your children likely already have their furniture and have styled their homes the way they like. Finding room for your bulky furniture is not something they want to do. Antique stores may be willing to purchase some of the furniture from you and can send someone to pick it up as well. 

Downsizing can be an emotional situation for most people. They need to sift through a lifetime of memories and items to have enough room for the new future they envision. While it may be hard to let go of some of these items, your children may have no want or need for them. Donating the items will help someone who values them to get more use out of the item, rather than the item taking up room.