If you are an independent woman all set to embark on a new journey by switching your job or resuming work, here are some helpful tips. The main question you need to ask yourself before anything is ‘Am I content with what I’m doing?’ the answer will give you a clear idea of where you could potentially end up in your career.

You may be wishing to find a new job to fulfill a new purpose, or you probably are just tired of your previous workplace. It was significant enough to change your mind and, ultimately, your workplace.

Here is what you need to know before you make a career pivot:

Assess Your Interests

Do not go all into a job search frenzy; take some time to relax and think about your options. If your previous job was too tiring or exhausting, it likely did not match your interests. You may have some interests, hobbies, or hidden talents, explore your creative self, and consider your starting point. From there, skills, academic background, passion, and of course, experience all come into play.

It may be possible that your previous job settings were by accident, but it may be a misfit.  Do not beat yourself for wanting to start all over. Even if you start from scratch, know that you will be content.


Connect with any family members, friends, or dormant ties who may be in the same field you wish to now work in. They might be able to give you some guidance and insight into how it is like working in that particular field and what you should expect.

Also, consider asking if anyone made a similar career pivot. Ask how it changed things for them and if the change is significant. After all, experience is the best teacher. So learning from others who went through similar situations may be relieving.

Best of all, they may even provide you with leads to career opportunities that match your interests.

Filter Your Job Options

Ask yourself:

  •   Are you doing it for the pay scale?
  •   Is it relevant to your experience?
  •   Is the educational background necessary for this particular listing?
  •   Is this your field of interest?
  •   Are the factors surrounding the job complementing your schedule?

The answers will clarify job listings you need to look out for and the ones you need to pay no heed to.


Lastly, know that you are not alone. You can always seek advice from your friends and family whenever necessary. Remember, if you feel you’re a misfit, it is never too late to reevaluate and adapt to change accordingly.

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