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“Wealth” is about more than money or investments. It is your goals, your life and your legacy. The financial plans our professionals create encompass more than just your portfolio, but every essential financial matter that affects your life. As we like to say at Paramount Wealth Management, the plan is everything. We consider it so important for our clients to share our philosophy and embrace the advice that our team provides.


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How We Work

Serving as your trusted financial advisor is not only a privilege, but a great responsibility as well. To help you gain some insight into how we work, we’ve broken it down into these three key elements.

Investment Consulting

When deciding on the most suitable investment approach for pursuing your unique goals, we are more concerned about where you are than where the markets are. With a disciplined approach, we manage “through markets” rather than “to markets.” We believe in an academic approach to investment management, utilizing investment analysis and research to gain the knowledge necessary to make prudent decisions on your behalf.

Advanced Planning

While investment consulting is certainly an important element of wealth management, our advisors go further in developing a comprehensive plan by looking at the “big picture.” Our advanced planning approach is designed to take into consideration every aspect of your financial life, to help you support and maintain your lifestyle, plan and prepare for the future, pursue and enjoy financial independence, and eventually leave a legacy for your loved ones. We collaborate with your accounting and legal professionals to help manage, preserve and some day pass on your assets.

Relationship Management

For many of our clients, we serve as their primary advisor. It is a role we take very seriously, which is why we are committed to putting our clients first and doing everything possible to support them. We know it is easy to simply say we are client-driven, so we work hard every day to prove it – to let our clients know that, without them, our practice would not exist.

Consulting Process

To develop effective financial plans, our team has established a 5-step consulting process. New clients are introduced to the consulting process in a one-on-one meeting. It helps us understand each client’s unique situation, identify and clarify goals and customize a financial plan.


This is an important first step. We want to learn everything we can about you, not only about your financial information, but about your values, family and what’s important to you. This is your time. Together we explore all the issues we need to plan for and prioritize what needs to be put in place today and in the future.


Next, we take a closer look at your planning needs by doing an in-depth analysis of all the information you’ve shared with us. This includes a thorough review of your current situation matched against your long-term goals.


We develop a written comprehensive plan designed to pursue your goals and bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be in the future.


Once we have developed your plan, we implement its elements efficiently and effectively. This includes an investment and wealth planning policy statement that serves as a road map for how we will work together. This step may include collaborating with your other professional advisors such as your accountant and lawyer.


We view our role as your partner through the ages and stages of your life. It is important to keep your plan current and to ensure that it reflects all of the transitions that life brings. We check in and meet regularly so that your wealth plan remains a living document – and a connection between our family and yours.

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Here to Accomodate You

We want all of our clients to know that they are part of the Paramount family, that we have tremendous respect for their achievements, and that we are deeply committed to pursuing the promising future they envision.




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