Advantages and Disadvantages to Working From Home

working from home

With the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic society has been forced to reimagine what work is all about. The highly contagious nature of Covid-19 has forced employers to make quick adjustments to allow employees to work from home, something that many of these businesses had in the past claimed was not possible and unworthy of consideration. 

Now that working from home is quite common, many people are looking to join this trend. However, you should consider the various advantages and disadvantages of working from home before you do so. 

Advantages of working from home 

There are several advantages to switching to a work-from-home lifestyle that have prompted many people to pursue working from home. Most of these advantages have to do with how much more control you have over your time. 

Of course, the convenience of not having to commute to an office or some other workplace is a huge plus. This can save you plenty of money on gas and commuting time on the road. The time usually spent commuting can be more productively utilized to finish tasks directly related to your work. 

Another advantage of working from home is the flexibility. Since working from home will usually mean you can make your own schedule, you will be able to fit in many activities you would not normally be able to without affecting how much time you spend at your job, which ultimately diminishes how much money you make each month. 

Many prefer at-home work for familial reasons. Working from home allows you to spend more time with your family. Commonly, people will even decide to pursue a less lucrative career that allows them to work from home because they value time with their loved ones. Also, working from home options are perfect for mothers or fathers who are the main caretakers of minor children or disabled adults. 

Disadvantages of working from home 

As you can see there are many benefits of working from home which can make it preferable to a traditional job. Despite all of the great aspects of a work-at-home lifestyle, there are several disadvantages of working from home that you should take into consideration. 

A common issue that people run into when working from home is overworking. You may end up losing your sense of life balance since your personal life and work life may seem more intertwined. Unlike with a traditional office job or similar employment, once you leave the workplace you know you are done working for the day for the most part. However, when working from home, since you are physically in the same place, many people will literally forget to stop working which can be detrimental physically and mentally. 

Another drawback of working from home is that you may feel more disconnected from your coworkers and colleagues. This can result in less collaborative efforts that would otherwise be beneficial for business and motivation. 

Consider the financial impact 

The decision of whether or not to pursue an at-home work situation will likely have a significant impact on your family financial planning. Whether your objective is more income, more family time or more flexibility, a professional financial adviser can help you understand the financial implications of your decision.