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Preparing for your future with long-term care insurance

How to plan for long-term care needs health insurance doesn’t cover. No one wants to imagine a time when they might need help performing basic tasks, but nearly 70% of people 65 and over will require long-term care at some point. Twenty percent will need it for five...

Foster financial literacy and family values

The two go hand in hand when preparing your heirs.  Timing discussions around money while clearly communicating your financial values with heirs can be tricky. You may already be asking yourself: How will I help them understand this is more about passing on a legacy...

The pledged-securities mortgage explained

Most buyers in the market for a home can expect to need a 20% downpayment, which represents a significant amount of money in today’s real estate market. But even if they have the funds in their bank or investment accounts, they may not want to use them – and they may...

Mitigating surtaxes faced by high-income earners

Thoughtful, proactive planning can help high-earning taxpayers reduce their net investment income tax and additional Medicare tax bills. Every investor should have a thoughtful tax strategy, and for those that exceed certain income thresholds, proactive planning is...

Protect yourself and your parents from tax fraud

Keep an eye out for warning signs and reduce your vulnerability with a few simple tips. Identity thieves are stealing other people’s personal information and using it to file tax returns. These criminals often file fraudulent tax returns as early as possible in an...

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