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A plan for all seasons: Starting Fresh

It's hard to believe that 2023 will soon be coming to an end and the holidays will be behind us. As you make plans to turn the calendar page, check out these seven ways to make a fresh start in 2024. Organize for tax time: Prepare for smooth filing: By early February,...

Navigating risk, wealth, and public prominence

From privacy and cybersecurity to legal and reputational risks – are you prepared for what's out there? Whether you’re a high-net-worth individual, a public figure or both, your life is complex. You’re exposed to different degrees of risk that not every individual...

Tech Nostalgia: In with the Old

What inspires the recent appeal of obsolete technology. Everything old is new again – even the dusty tech in your junk drawer. Millennials and Gen Zers are resurrecting vintage technology, and not just for the novelty kick. Tech nostalgia can save consumers money, or...

Riding the Waves of Variable Income

Money management tips for high-net-worth individuals whose income varies. Variable income adds a layer of complexity to an already challenging goal: effectively managing your money as a high-net-worth individual. Perhaps you’re a successful online entrepreneur whose...

More Than Forgetfulness – Having the Important Conversations

How to navigate caregiving when a loved one is suffering memory loss. One of the ultimate acts of love is caring for a loved one as they age. As if this isn’t a complex topic in and of itself, memory issues can further complicate things. Degenerative diseases, like...

Make Your Files Findable When You Leave Them to Your Heirs

Living life and facing death can be liberating – and it doesn’t have to be hard. Depending on the source, about half of Americans know they should have a will but don’t. And a National Library of Medicine study found that in 2017 only a third of us had completed...

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