Forty Years of Financial Advice, One Simple Message

Our Story

I’m Don Hershberger, founder of Paramount Wealth. I could tell you my whole life story about being the first one in my family to go to college, how I studied business and accounting, sold heavy-duty trucks for a while, and then, became a financial advisor.

The truth is, Paramount Wealth started with a simple idea: your wealth can be designed to help you live your most inspired life.

The key is to work hard for what you want. Having the right design behind your wealth can support the life you want to experience.

In 1981, when I started our business, I knew what an inspired life looked like. Growing up, I saw my dad work four jobs because he was inspired for a better life for my mom, my sister, and me.

I saw Dad’s drive and knew that if I wanted something, it was worth working toward. From washing dishes at the American Legion to driving a tractor, working in a department store, and driving mail trucks in the dead of night, I worked for what I wanted.

That sparks the idea for Paramount Wealth: a place where great families, business owners, and corporate executives could see their money working toward an inspired life.

We are a family-led business that takes the same care with our clients’ finances that we do with our own. We get to know you, who matters the most to you, your values and dreams, and what you see in the future.

This allows us to help you live a truly inspired life, a life you’d be proud to write home about. Hard work still gets the job done better than anything else.

That’s our promise to you: your dreams and values matter to us. We work hard to help you live a life Designed by Inspiration®. Even more, we want you to have the courage to live fully inspired.

Date: August 1998
Publisher: Jackson Magazine
Photo by: Mike Frost

Life’s Too Short Not to Live Inspired.

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