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Could Biohacking Be The Ticket To Health And Longevity?

As time goes on, we constantly learn of new medical breakthroughs that could lead to better health. This is especially true for those of affluence who are able to take advantage of cutting-edge medical advances.


Biohacking involves someone making incremental changes to their body, diet, and lifestyle to improve their health and well-being. It includes everything from behavioral changes in diet and exercise to cellular health and regeneration through stem cell therapy or the consumption of anti-aging supplements.

Whether you use supplements, technology, or you make changes to affect a better mindset, biohacking could help you make lasting, positive change to better health and longevity.


April 15 – Last day to contribute to traditional and Roth IRAs or health savings accounts for 2023.

April 15 – Tax Day – deadline to file your 2023 tax return and pay taxes or request an extension. First quarter estimated tax payments due, if required.

May 10 -Paper Shred Event 11:30 am – 1:30 pm at our office in Jackson, MI

Client Spotlight – Dave & Ginger Raymond

House N2 Home is a group of volunteers who provide furnishings for people moving out of homeless shelters and into stable rental housing. Their mission is to restore dignity to individuals and families who have endured homelessness by creating for them a home that is functional, comfortable, and inviting, giving them the opportunity to thrive.

House N2 Home began in 2017 when Dave and Ginger Raymond, along with three of Ginger’s friends, furnished a home for a single mom and her children. Since then, they have furnished over 1,000 homes with the help of a devoted group of ~175 active volunteers and a staff of one full-time and five part-time employees.

House N2 Home works with 35 carefully vetted social service agencies in Washtenaw County. Once a caseworker has an individual or family who has secured housing, they are referred to House N2 Home to help furnish the new home.

Great care is taken to choose items so that the furnishings in the new home will reflect the personality of the new occupants. House N2 Home not only provides everything a previously homeless person would need, including furniture, bedding, dishes and cookware, lamps, vacuum, trash cans, etc. They also provide special touches to make the space personal to the family. This is one example that was posted on the House N2 Home Facebook page last week:

“Last move of the week was for a young mom and her four-year-old son. They have never had their own living space before, but now have a safe, inviting, and functional space where they can thrive. Until now they have been staying with different family members and at times sleeping in her car.

Mom was looking for a peaceful environment filled with books, music, and the sounds of water.

She also expressed an interest in live plants, and inspirational sayings to help motivate her as she moves through each day. She likes to cook and bake, and we were able to provide all the things she needed to work her cheffing magic.

How fun to be able to meet many of her wishes. Including having a volunteer build a small tabletop fountain using rocks that were collected by his family in northern Michigan, a small pump and ingenuity. Books and age-appropriate toys were included in this sweet transformation. Mom and son were thrilled with their new space, and we were thrilled to say: Welcome Home!!”

The household items are 98% donated goods. All donations are washed and sanitized. Then volunteers set to work repairing and refurbishing items as needed. One volunteer, who used to be a shop teacher, repairs furniture. A former auto engineer repairs small electronics. Artists paint furniture or create framed masterpieces for personalized wall art. Donated games and puzzles are even checked to make sure all the pieces are in the box. Great care is taken so that everything is in the best condition for the new homeowner. Donations are then organized, grouping like items together, and stored until needed.

On move-in day, volunteers load everything into cars and trucks, caravan to the new home, unload, and place all the household items so the home is completely ready for the family when they arrive. This includes flowers and fresh-baked cookies on the kitchen table and a meal to eat for dinner. And, thanks to a partnership with Hope Clinic, the pantry and refrigerator are also stocked.

Dave and Ginger have established and grown House N2 Home and are making an incredible impact on Washtenaw County. Check out their Facebook page to see photos and hear the stories of the lives they have changed. If you would like to know more, donate, or volunteer, go to HouseN2Home.org.

Paper Shredding Event

Paramount Wealth is hosting our 3rd annual Shred Event, exclusively for clients.

Do you have important documents with personal information that you want to safely dispose of? Bring them to our Paper Shredding Event on Friday, May 10 between 11:30 am and 1:30 pm.

The Shred Truck will be in the parking lot of our office located at 420 South Brown Street in Jackson.

  • No need to remove staples
  • Cardboard like file folders and the back of a checkbook can be shredded
  • No cardboard boxes
  • All shredding is recycled

Sponsored by Capital Wealth Planning

Tax Record Retention

As tax season draws to a close, we want to remind you of the importance of good recordkeeping. The steps you’ve taken to ensure your tax records remain complete and secure can be crucial to the success of your retirement plan. From the possibility of audits to the threat of fraud, keeping your records in order has never been more important – and it’s never been easier.

Digitize your records: If you’ve already organized your paper records, you may want to consider digitizing them for added convenience and security. Many entities, such as banks and credit card companies, allow you to download documents. Storing such records digitally in your Raymond James “Vault” allows you to organize them and search for what you need without the hassle of shuffling papers or taking up space in your home. If you are not currently taking advantage of this FREE service, give Krystal in our office a call and she will help you get started.

Keep a backup: If you continue to keep paper records, make sure to store them securely in your home. A fireproof safe can protect them from theft and damage. If you’re able to, make backup copies of your most important records so you can be sure they’re always available and store them in another secure location.

Know your timeline: The IRS recommends keeping records for varying lengths of time depending on the specific nature of your tax situation. However, keeping all of your records indefinitely can ensure that you’re never without the documentation you need in an emergency. Some documents should be saved indefinitely, while others should be securely shredded after a certain number of years. Refer to the document shredding timeline and checklist above.

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