August 2023 – Newsletter
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National Golf Month

For many people, there’s no better way to unwind than by spending an afternoon on a beautiful, freshly mowed golf course, swinging away the stresses of everyday life. This would have no doubt distressed King James II of Scotland, who banned the sport in 1457 because he determined that it was causing his parliament to neglect their military training. (He also banned soccer that year, so it’s fair to say he was not a sports fan.)


Despite the initial attempts to eradicate the sport, golf has grown exponentially since the 1400s. According to Forbes magazine, 24 million Americans count it among their preferred pastimes. Unlike most other sports, you don’t have to worry about someone derailing a great shot by tackling you or stealing the ball. Instead, whether your performance is impressive or disappointing is almost entirely up to you. And for anyone who has a competitive edge and enjoys a good challenge, that may be as daunting as it is thrilling.

More often than not, however, what makes golf great are the people with whom you enjoy it. After all, who doesn’t want an excuse to spend a few hours outdoors with close friends? Hopefully, during national golf month, you can find time to grab your clubs and hit a few rounds.


August 25 – 2nd Annual Free Concert for our clients and guests featuring The Dangling Participles

September 4 – Paramount office and the financial markets closed for Labor Day

September 15 – 3rd quarter estimated tax payment due, if required

October 15 – Medicare Annual Election Period begins

October 16 – Deadline to file and pay 2022 personal income tax return if you received an extension

October 16 – Deadline to make a 2022 contribution to a Keogh, SEP or other eligible plan if you get a filing extension

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Join us for our second annual free concert exclusively for our clients and guests!

This year we welcome The Dangling Participles (The Dang Ps), a jazzy indie-folk band who won the 2022 Lansing City Pulse newspaper’s “Top of the Town” award for Best Folk Artist/Band.

Come hang out with us on the Granary Patio at Ella Sharp Museum on August 25th from 6:30 – 8:30 pm. This is a great opportunity to bring family or friends that you want to introduce to our practice!

Sweet and salty snacks will be served along with 2 complimentary drinks per person.

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or 517-787-4444

Client Spotlight- African Safari Part II

In May, Mary Anne Hershberger and four clients, Shaun Hitt, Carla Kennedy, Neva Ostrander, and Dave Zontek, went on an African safari in Tanzania. If you missed reading the June Newsletter, click the link to read Part One, which focused on the safari. This month, we will hear about their accommodations, the food, and the Maasai people they encountered.

Photo: Tent Camping on Safari

The group stayed at four different locations, the most unique of which was tent camping. Neva said it was more like “glamping” (a combination of “glamorous” and “camping”). Each tent sat on a platform and had a separate area with a toilet, shower, sink, and storage area. The zipper entrance to the tent had to always remain locked because “those clever baboons” had figured out how to open the zipper and were known for getting into the tents and running off with people’s things.

This facility was located inside the Tarangire National Park where the animals roam free in their natural habitat around the tents. “The first night we were having dinner in the lodge and a lion just walked right by. When it was time to go to the tent, it was getting dark, so even though the tent was only 100 yards away, we had to get an escort with a flashlight to keep the animals away”, Shaun said.

Carla continued, “The employees had their flashlights and were clapping their hands and making noise to make the lion go away. I thought the trick must be having the flashlights. I didn’t sleep because the lion roared all night long.”

Dave, who was on Safari the week after Shaun and Carla, said, “I felt safe even though I heard about the lion that had come in-between the tents the week before”.

Another of their accommodations bordered Arusha National Park. While having breakfast outside, they watched zebras grazing and monkeys playing and eating in the trees. It was incredible!

Some of the food they had was very familiar. For example, there were omelets for breakfast, and they sometimes took boxed lunches with them out on safari. The boxed lunches included things like chicken, yogurt, fruit, and juice. But there were also new food experiences for them. “For breakfast they had beans in a brown sauce that was very tasty. The other thing they did almost every morning was a small tomato that was just broiled with a little salt and pepper. I really enjoyed the tomatoes”, said Shaun.

Neva explained, “A lot of the dishes were rice, vegetables, and different kinds of meat. They would use interesting seasonings, some that I was unfamiliar with, and quite a bit of curry. Breakfasts were served with lots of different juices. The hibiscus juice was something really different!”

Shaun and Dave talked about the Maasai people, a nomadic tribe. Both mentioned how different the Maasai lifestyle was from their own.

Shaun shared this, “The Maasai are the very traditional African people who are known for the very bright colors they wear. They are farmers who live in villages with no electricity or running water. It was harvesting season while we were there. You would literally see women carrying hefty bag size loads of corn and potatoes on their head. They walk for miles to take it to market. It’s interesting to me how they really live completely off the land. I saw little children, maybe 12 years, old tending herds of cows and even younger children herding the goats. Donkeys were carrying big plastic drums of water because they don’t have running water. It was very curious for me to see.”

Dave added, “What surprised me was that the Maasai people were walking everywhere. In some cases, they were tending to their cattle or their goats but at other times they were just walking. I never saw them on a motorcycle or tuk tuk (a three wheeled motorcycle with a little cover over it). They would just walk everywhere they needed to go. We would be out in the middle of nowhere and I remember thinking, where would they be going or coming from?”

Carla has been a client since 2017, Shaun since 2014, Dave since 2013 and Neva since 2014.

Retiree In Training

Most of us really look forward to the idea of well-deserved, unstructured free time. A time to do exactly what we please when we please – spend time with family, pursue hobbies, volunteer, travel. Until we get there. The 2018 Global Retirement Reality Report found that only 53% of Americans said they were happy in retirement. Some retirees underestimate how long it takes to adjust to what may be a radically different lifestyle; others miss their friends from work; still others find themselves with too much free time on their hands between grand adventures and visits with the grandkids.
Like all major life events, transitioning to a retirement lifestyle can be a major adjustment and comes with a few hiccups along the way. One day, you may go from your seat at the top as a powerful executive to a lounge chair in your living room with the TV or Fido for company. Without your career to define you, what will?

Finding the answer takes a lot of preparation – emotionally, physically and financially – and a lot of thought. While the financial component is critical to a sustainable retirement, so is your quality of life. Too few people consider the psychological factors of retirement, which include letting go of your career identity, shifting social networks and spending more unscheduled time with your spouse, as well as the need to find new and engaging ways to stay active.

It’s crucial that would-be retirees invest in their social, physical and psychological needs as well as their financial ones. And that takes planning.

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Road Construction Is Completed

The road construction on South Brown Street has been completed and two-way traffic has resumed.

The only remaining work is to fill the gaps in the sidewalk where the old utility poles used to be. When that work is being done, there will be a lane shift to create a safe work zone, but two-way traffic will continue.

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