Although the number of people living to 100 years of age is increasing, this is still a lofty number of years to remain alive. Scientists and researchers have long sought to figure out what it is that makes some people more likely to live to become centenarians. Many people believe that it is just plain luck and genetics, which is partially correct, however there is plenty you have control over that can lengthen your life. Recent research has revealed there are particular habits and customs that centenarians tend to have in common. 

Physical activity 

Partaking regularly in some type of physical activity can significantly increase the chances of you having a longer life. Now, this does not necessarily mean you have to spend all day in the gym. In fact, it turns out that centenarians generally do not actively look to exercise for the sake of being in shape. Instead, they remain physically active as a part of their daily lives by doing things like walking to the store, gardening and making hand-made meals. All of their various physical activities throughout the day add up to enough exercise to keep them healthy without needing to give it much thought. 

Avoid Eating Until Full 

Researchers point to the example of the Okinawans who have been shown to live longer as an example of why you should not eat until you are completely full. In Okinawa there is a saying that you should only eat until you are 80 percent full. Also, it has been shown that populations that tend to live longer eat larger meals in the beginning of the day and then smaller meals in the afternoon and evening. 

Stay connected to community 

Being connected with others is a basic human need and it turns out it may help you to prolong your life as well. Studies have found that regularly attending community functions, such as faith-based services, may increase your chances of being a centenarian. It has been found that attending weekly faith-based services will increase life expectancy by four years, according to a recent study. 

Reduce stress 

Avoiding stress can help you live a longer life. Many scientific studies have shown that heavy stress can significantly shorten your life expectancy. Things as simple as taking naps or meditation can do wonders for reducing stress. 

Plant-based eating 

Consuming less meat and maintaining a more plant-based diet can have positive effects on your health. Regions where diets lean more plant-based correlate with longer life expectancy, according to a recent study. Populations in these regions tend to eat more beans and tofu for their protein sources, while meat is usually eaten more at special occasions or holidays. 

Drink alcohol moderately 

Everybody knows that alcohol is not exactly a health food and can in fact be deadly if you overindulge on a regular basis. However, it turns out that drinking moderately can be a good thing, according to a recent study. Drinking two glasses of wine or beer per day correlates with an 18 percent drop in likelihood of early death. Therefore, unless you are prone to alcohol addiction, drink moderately and you may find yourself living a longer life. 

Plan for the future 

Taking all of the right actions and changing your lifestyle to maximize your chances of living longer is great, but it still does not guarantee anything. Regardless of doing all of the right things there is always a chance you will pass away unexpectedly early. Therefore, planning for an unexpected future is a good idea. This means implementing a comprehensive estate planning strategy in order to preserve generational wealth for your heirs. 

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