You have a business idea and a plan in place and now it is time to jump right in and become an entrepreneur. This is a big step in your life, and you likely feel the excitement, fear, happiness, and many other emotions all at once. Surviving the early days of entrepreneurship is often the hardest. Some steps you can take to help make this easier include: 


Passion is not a bad thing. It can motivate you to start your business in the first place. Passion without preparation though may lead to failure for your new business. Proper preparation for your business can attract more venture capital than passion. This is because investors respect businesses who do their homework and may invest their effort and time into the new enterprise, rather than those who just show passion. 

Preparation means that you take your current product or value offering and you tailor it to a specific market need. This will require an extensive amount of research to help you find a need that you can meet in a busy market. You may need to research the competition, pricing, how many other options are available, the customer demographics, and more. 

This preparation may take some time. And it is easy to let your passion take over and push you forward without getting it done. Being prepared is one of the best ways for you to carve a niche for yourself in the market and get ahead of the competition while gaining the investment capital you need. 

Continue to Learn     

As an entrepreneur, you should always keep learning. Mistakes will be made, and you may be surprised how many mistakes, big and small, you will make during those early days of starting a business. Take those mistakes and turn them into learning experiences. When you learn from those mistakes, instead of letting them get you down, you can change a bad situation into something good. Over time, you can perfect your value offering and create a great business. 

Be Courageous 

The early days of entrepreneurship can be exciting, but they are also a little scary. No business owner knows with certainty what will happen during that time. One of the biggest differences between those who succeed and those who fail is courage. 

As an entrepreneur, do not shy away and give up in the face of a big challenge. These challenges will happen, no matter how good your idea is or how much time you spend planning. The best entrepreneurs are the ones who push through those challenges, no matter how much they may want to give up. Maintain conviction in your business and your chances of success will increase. 

Starting your own business as an entrepreneur is an amazing adventure. You can follow your path and do things that most only imagine in their dreams. With a good plan, lots of preparation, and grit the early days as an entrepreneur may soon be fond memories of the start of your successful business. 

Opinions expressed in the attached article are those of the author and are not necessarily those of Raymond James.  All opinions are as of this date and are subject to change without notice.